Porto Heli


The trip that includes a unique number of secluded coves and the deepest, warmest and crystal-clear waters!


DURATION: 4:30 hours
PRICE: 75€ / person
MEETING POINT:  Get Directions

  • Single or double Sea Kayaks and all equipment (buoyancy aid, spray deck, paddle)
  • Certified Friendly English speaking guides
  • Sea Kayak handling/safety briefing
  • Homemade Cooked Traditional meal and refreshments.
  • Snorkelling equipment
  • Big dry bag for your necessities
  • Photos and videos sent at a later date GoPro Camera provided for your use
  • 1st Aid and Sea Kayak safety equipment carried by your guides
  • Personal Insurance
  • Swimming knowledge
  • No Back Problems
  • No Expectant Mothers
  • No Serious Medical Conditions
  • Level of difficulty: Most travelers can participate

Porto Heli Tour Guide

Starting from Kosta, 5km from Porto Heli, the site of the ferry crossing to Spetses, you will be impressed with its many fine and large villas. From there we will take our kayaks and head west to port of Porto Heli.

Commencing from the first couple of meters, you will witness pine trees dive into the sea, a play of light and shadow with the sand and the water, coloring the sea bed pink and the sea waters multiple varieties of blue and deep green. You will see innumerable creeks, majestic vacation homes, magnificent resorts, private beaches (the owner of one has famously imported powder-white sand to sprinkle over the bay in front of the hillside villa), thus rowing in this coastline will seem heavenly.

On our route we will also see “Hinitsa” a beautiful and untouched island, whose history reaches all the way back to antiquity. It was called Alioussa back then and was already mentioned in the second century AD by Pausanias himself as a haven, for the boats and the fishermen of the area. It is reasonable to assume that it had a part in the constructions and process of Tyrian purple, which was famously made by the inhabitants of “Alieis”, a settlement that used to be where Porto Heli is now and which flourished during the centuries before the coming of Christ. Hinitsa also appears in history along with the Slavic raids during the sixth century AD, while it was used as a naval station, during the course of the fleet of the Byzantine Emperor Constantos II, towards Sicily. Today Hinitsa is a small island that you can visit if you have a boat and want to explore an uninhabited place. The waters are crystal clear but there are no organized beaches.

Along the way there are remains of the ancient walled port and sunken colonnade of the temple of Apollo which are still visible in the shallows of the water.

On our way back we will stop at a beach and surrounded by lush greenery and crystal blue waters offering tranquility and relaxation, we will swim, rest and enjoy a meal of local, organic products.

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